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Whether you are brand new to fitness and exercise or a seasoned fitness individual, each session is directly catered to your own personal needs and level of experience.

In-Home Personal Training Sessions​

  • Discuss physical activity history, injuries and personal goals 

  • Create a program catered to your personal goals

  • Provide all equipment and materials necessary for each session in the comfort of your own home

  • Can conduct individual or group training sessions

Group Fitness Classes

  • Private or corporate group fitness classes

  • Come to your home, studio, or business and teach tailor-made classes

  • Classes include but are not limited to:

    • Boot camp, barre, yoga, spinning, total body toning

**Click on "Prices and Planning" tab to learn how to save money on personal training and class packages**


Have an idea for a fitness service that is not listed here? Contact me to discuss more opportunities!

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